Business Mobile Apps are the Medium for Business Growth

Business Mobile Apps are the Medium for Business Growth

Business Mobile Apps are the Newest Medium for Business Growth

If you are reading this, then it is safe to assume that you have internet access. That means you also have access to the myriad of information and entertainment available on your phone. The time has never been better for business owners to take advantage of these new opportunities by creating business mobile apps for their companies. With just a few hours invested into development, an entrepreneur can create an interactive experience that will help them connect with customers in ways they could only dream about before. And if done properly, your business mobile apps can be used as a marketing tool that will not only generate leads but also provide analytics so that businesses can track how well their strategy is working in real-time.

This blog post provides all the tools necessary for any entrepreneur who wants to give themselves the best possible shot at getting their products and services out there.

The first step to building your app is to determine what its purpose will be.

This can be helpful when it comes to marketing because the overall intention of the software determines how potential customers are going to interact with it, which directly affects where you need to place ads in order for them to catch the user’s eye. So, if your goal is to get people to learn more about your business, adding a simple Q&A section would make the most sense. However, if your objective is to capture contact info for future outreach, then an “About Us” section with space for images and links to social media profiles will be the best choice. In the end, every app should have a call-to-action so users know what to do with it.

Functionality & Branding

Once your purpose is set, you need to decide how you want your app to look and function. You can either hire a developer or learn how to code yourself, but going the DIY route works best when there isn’t much involved with the design of your software. Keep in mind that hiring a developer to make your mobile app for you may cost you anywhere between $2,500 and $50,000 to develop. This big price range is mainly due to the fact that most app development companies have base prices that include a certain number of features with every project. For example, a company may charge $10,000 for a project but it could be a very simple app with few bells and whistles. Alternatively, you could pay between $25,000 and $35,000 for a more complex app with tons of different options. Obviously the latter would be best but it’s important to keep in mind that software should never be designed solely by one person.

Have a website before marketing your business mobile apps

Any business owner who wants to have a successful business should have a website up and running before they begin marketing themselves, but this isn’t possible if you are not web-savvy. That’s why it is important to have a firm grasp on the basics before you begin so that you can take advantage of all the resources available out there. For one, building an app does require some coding know-how but thankfully platforms like iOS and Android have made this task easier than ever by offering free tutorials that can be found right on their respective websites.

The last step in this process is to create a marketing plan that includes where and how your business mobile apps will be promoted. The reason behind this is because you need potential customers to know about your business, even when they aren’t looking at the screen of their computer or mobile device. In large part, promoting your app is just like promoting your business to the general public, but there are a few key differences that need to be taken into consideration. Instead of distributing brochures about your business, you are going to have to upload the content directly through your mobile app so customers can access it whenever they please.

Another integral part of marketing includes where you place your ads. In the past, business owners had to focus on physical locations where their target audience could find them, but this is no longer necessary thanks to location-based advertisements. Since a mobile app can detect exactly where its user is located, businesses are able to place ads in specific areas that will be seen by individuals who are geographically close by.

Business mobile apps seem to be the new medium for business growth. The functionality and branding of your app are very important decisions that will affect where you place ads in order for them to work.

If you need assistance with your business mobile apps, feel free to reach out to us so that we can discuss your ideas and business.

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