7 Essential Mobile App Features That Every Business Should Have

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Gmail Yahoo Mail A business app can provide all the functionality you need to run your company. It’s just a matter of deciding which features are most important to you and your business and then building an app that offers those features. So how do you know what features should be top […]
7 Essential Mobile App Features That Every Business Should Have

by Mario Flawless

Oct 26, 2021

A business app can provide all the functionality you need to run your company. It’s just a matter of deciding which features are most important to you and your business and then building an app that offers those features. So how do you know what features should be top priorities? Read on for 7 essential mobile app features that every business app should have.

  1. Easy onboarding process
  2. Specific use features
  3. Ecommerce functionality
  4. Communication features
  5. Easy and clear navigation
  6. Push notifications
  7. Clear call-to-actions

This list is by no means comprehensive, nor will every business need to include all of these features in their app. If you’re looking for an additional list, check out this list of 15 must-have features that expand on what we’re discussing here. Essential mobile app features are going to depend on your business and the goals you have for it. The important thing is that you consider what would be ideal for your customers and formulate a plan around those needs.

Once you’ve defined a list of the most essential mobile app features, choosing which ones should come first is an easy decision. Essential mobile app features should be at the top of your priority list when designing your app because they’re crucial for customer retention and satisfaction. If one of the primary reasons people use your app is to communicate with you or if they can’t easily navigate through it, then not having those pieces sorted out from the get-go isn’t doing anyone any favors. Essential mobile app features are what make your app valuable, so don’t leave them out.

The perfect mobile app for your business might not exist yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create one. As mentioned above, define the essential mobile app features and prioritize them before you begin building anything. The more thoughtfully constructed your app is from the beginning, the better experience users will have once it’s completed. Of course, if the gap between what you imagine your app could be and what it currently is too large, then perhaps waiting to build it is best after all.

#1. Easy Onboarding Process

An onboarding process is a series of steps that the user is taken through when they first discover and start using an app. Onboarding can include things like signing up for an account, setting preferences, exploring a sample product, or watching a tutorial.

Of all the essential mobile app features out there, onboarding may be one of the most important. If you’re not going to create a free trial or demo, then at least make sure that your onboarding process is as easy as possible. This will hopefully ensure that users stick around longer and provide feedback on their experience with your app.

In other words, the more time you put into your onboarding process now, the less time you’ll have to spend later on fixing problems with your app. Even if you’re creating an e-commerce app, providing a way for users to interact with the product before making any decisions will help them know what they’re getting into and whether or not it’s worth their money.

When building your app, make sure that all onboarding messages are clear and concise so nothing is lost in translation. Asking too many questions might be overwhelming to users, while asking none at all may cause confusion without explanation. Either way won’t bode well for your retention rate. Come up with a plan early on about how you’ll approach onboarding since this is one of the most important parts of developing an app.

#2. Specific Use Features

Feature sprawl has quickly become one of the biggest issues that app developers are struggling to overcome. Feature sprawl occurs when an app offers too many features within a single package, confusing users with options and ultimately leading them astray.

When designing your mobile app, only include the essential mobile app features that relate directly to your business or user goals. Don’t try to force other random features into the mix because it might make your interface look cluttered or overwhelming. If you find yourself wanting to cram every awesome idea under the sun into your app just for the sake of adding more value, then it’s time to rethink what makes the cut. Essential mobile app features not only help define what you want from your overall product, but they also give customers an easy way to navigate through an otherwise complicated interface.

#3. Ecommerce functionality

Shopping for products on a mobile device can be tricky since most people don’t want to use an app that forces them to pinch and zoom every which way. If you offer automated, in-app purchases such as add-ons or premium content, then it’s important that your e-commerce platform scales properly across multiple devices. Essential features like these can vary from business to business, but at least one method of purchasing within the app is essential if you’re offering extra incentives for users who sign up.

If your goal is simply to give customers information and insight about your company, then providing a more passive e-commerce experience might work best. In this situation, your app wouldn’t have any type of shopping cart feature nor would you ask users to add items to a virtual cart. Instead, you could add some advertisements about deals or promotions that encourage users to make purchases through an external channel such as the Web.

#4. Communication features

Businesses have a variety of ways to keep in touch with their customers, but communicating with your app users is a unique way to engage them more directly. Essential features like allowing users to leave comments or participate in forums can help companies stay relevant and improve user experience.

Unless you’re creating an app that’s solely for self-promotion, then it’s essential that you provide some kind of messaging platform for your customers. Whether it be through social media integration or third-party apps, building communication into your mobile app can really help strengthen ties between you and your clientele. This is especially critical if you work in the service industry since letting clients rate their experiences will make it easier for other potential clients to find the right person they want to help out

#5. Easy and clear navigation tabs

When it comes to mobile apps, there is no excuse for confusing navigation when compared to an app’s desktop version.  Neglecting the simplicity of this feature in designing a business’ mobile app can lead to consumers deleting the app out of frustration or choosing another one that’s more user-friendly. That’s why it’s essential for businesses to include clear and easy navigation tabs within their apps.

This includes having specific buttons on each tab so that consumers know what they are clicking on without confusion. Another way of doing this is through direct links, which offers the same benefit as the previous suggestion but also saves time since users don’t have to search through multiple pages just to find what they want.

#6. Push notifications

This is a great way for businesses to keep their consumers engaged with the app.  There are different types of push notifications that can be sent out depending on the type of message that needs to be delivered.

– Alerts: Essential messages such as sales or rare promos that need to be communicated as soon as possible

– Reminders: Information about an upcoming event or sale can be pushed out before it takes place so users won’t forget

– News and updates: This message will usually contain important information regarding the business itself and how it’s growing or new products/services they want to let customers know about

As long as these messages reach the consumer, and if done at appropriate times, this feature can help increase conversions and keep consumers engaged.

7 Essential Mobile App Features That Every Business Should Have7. Clear call-to-action buttons

Though it’s not strictly a mobile app feature, this applies to almost every online presence that the business has. Once you know how to write a solid call-to-action, it’s important to ensure that your call-to-action sections are clear, distraction-free, and enticing.

It’s essential for businesses to include clear call-to-action buttons within their app so that consumers know exactly what they need to do in order to receive the most value out of the app. This includes buttons that allow consumers to immediately sign up for an account, download an e-book, or ask them to provide their email address. Whatever the case, make your call-to-action button clear and concise so that users won’t have any problems understanding what they need to do next.

7 Essential Mobile App Features That Every Business Should Have Summary:

This blog post was written to outline the 7 essential business mobile app features that businesses would benefit from. Essential Mobile App Features include communication features, easy and clear navigation tabs, pushing notifications, clear call-to-action buttons, and push notifications. Make sure that you read the article about the 7 mistakes to avoid when designing your app to ensure that these 7 features work well without causing frustration for your users.

If you have questions about the essential mobile app features, feel free to reach out to us here at Flawless App Design! We’d love to help.

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